Who we are?

Attaché is a multinational group all over the world to perform activities related to the tourism consist of social, sportive, and recreational programs, pilgrimage tours, sightseeing, scientific and educational tourism programs.
At first this group was found in Arak, Markazi province, Iran and step by step it passed the geographical borders and increased its own branches.
The group is combined of a non-registered professional team, a professional non-govermental organization and a public cooperative registered company about tour and travel, and tourism training.
That's not all; we support cultural heritages, handicranfts, hospitality, transportation and so on...
These all gives us the power to unveiling the latent potential of tourism industry to the world using the library, museum, guesthouse, home and school of Attaché.
The great team "Attaché" that is a good example of the global peace is proud to show its presence when the second best isn't good enough!